***Top 10 Vintage Clothing Websites***


The search is over!
I have scoured the internet and sorted through the good, the bad and the ugly.
After considering criteria of wide selection of eras and overall value I've whittled my results down to 10 outstanding sites.
It is with great pleasure that I present to you...


1- Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery

2- TheFROCK.com

3- Vintage Martini

4- Vintage Textile

5- Woodland Farms Antiques and Vintage

6- Vintage Vixen Clothing Co.

7- RedBox Vintage

8- Posh Girl Vintage

9- Unique Boutique NYC

10- Kakkoii Mono

Honorable Mention goes to Vintageous

Check out Lulu's Vintage 2008 Top 10 Vintage Clothing Websites


Art Ford

Good list. As a regular shopper for high end vintage clothing on the web, my own list is close to yours, at least as far as the high end dealers: Vintage Textile, Antique Dress and the Frock.
Best, Art

Samaya Ling

Hello! do you think my site is good enough for your lovely list? Best wishes, Samaya Ling


Great list - very helpful!

I'd love it if you posted the bottom 10 "ugly" as well - you know what they say, "one woman's junk is another woman's treasure..."

... and there's something alluring about the especially hideous...

That's an intriguing idea, I'll have to think about it! -Lulu

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