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About Lulu's Vintage

Anne Weiland of Lulu's Vintage (Photo by Brian Lee)

I am excited to be back in Portland hosting vintage and art sales! During my monthly events I will be sharing curated collections of items from my vintage stash including vintage clothing and accessories, housewares, decorative items, ephemera, etc…I will also be showing art created by me and other artists. The dazzle camouflage a.k.a razzle dazzle garage offers space to house my vintage business as well as space to create and sell my artwork which consists of sculpture and collages.

Private appointments are also available for shopping Lulu’s selection of vintage and art. Please contact me at lulusvintagepdx (@) at least 24 hours in advance.

Monthly events and by appointment only at 714 NW Glisan in Portland, Oregon (near the corner of Broadway in the black and white razzle dazzle camouflage building, enter through the side door).

My goal for doing Lulu’s Vintage Blog was to act as a vintage shopping editor, picking what I felt to be the best of the web to share with my readers. I began blogging on Lulu's in January of 2006. Along the way I have learned a lot of things and I hope that you have too!

To learn about Lulu's Vintage please refer to Lulu in the Media, Lulu's Customers, and Merchandise.

Inside Lulu's Vintage store on W. Burnside in Portland, Oregon (2010-2014)

At my previous storefront on W. Burnside in Portland, I loved finding out where customers were visiting from.  Here's a sampling for a month in 2013:

The tally shows that I had customers from 37 different States (Oregon included), and 21 different countries.

Total From USA: 350 (not including Oregonians).

Alaska 1; Arizona 3; California 103; Colorado 5; Connecticut 2; Florida 16; Georgia 6; Hawaii 1; Idaho 6; Illinois 11; Indiana 5; Iowa 2; Louisiana 1; Maine 1; Massachusetts 8; Michigan 2; Minnesota 10; Mississippi 4; Missouri 3; Nevada 1; New Mexico 4; New York 44; North Carolina 4; Ohio 6; Oklahoma 4; Pennsylvania 10; Rhode Island 1; South Carolina 1; Tennessee 6; Texas 8; Utah 2; Vermont 2; Virginia 1; Washington 55; Washington D.C. 5; Wisconsin 6.

Total from Other Countries: 172. 

Australia 19; Brazil 2; Canada 72; Chile 1; England 23; France 6; Germany 6; Holland 2; Italy 4; Japan 16; Lebanon 1; Luxembourg 2; New Zealand 2; Philippines 1; Russia 2; Spain 3; Sweden 6; Taiwan 1; United Kingdom 1; Ukraine 1; Wales 1.

These numbers represent who visited the store from August 25 - September 25, 2013. I wasn't able to ask everyone who came into the store where they were visiting from. These high numbers of visitors reflect that it was the end of Summer tourism season. There were also quite a few festivals drawing people to town like MusicFest NW, TBA, and Feast.