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Calling All Vintage Purse Enthusiasts


  Vintage in Style- is, by far, the best website I have found for buying vintage purses! They have a vast selection of purses made with leather, cloth, beads, sequins, rattan, raffia and wood. Their stock ranges from casual everyday bags to evening and bridal purses.
    This telephone purse definitely caught my eye! If you want a bag that makes a statement and stops people on the streets, then this is it! It has a sort of "Get Smart" thing going for it. The industrial looking lock is extra cool!
    I own a shoulder bag phone purse. On top of the purse, where it opens up, there is a receiver, the front of the purse has a telephone keypad and there is even a phone cord attached to it. I could actually use the thing if I wanted to. Excuse me while I go make a call...

This post was originally published on February 1, 2006.