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Did seeing the movie 2046 leave you In The Mood for a Cheongsam?

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The cheongsam dresses featured in Kar Wai Wong’s film’s 2046 and In The Mood for Love accentuate and flatter the feminine form.
The cheongsam, as we know it today, originally appeared in Shanghai around the turn of the last century. The modern cheongsam has a high neck and a figure fitting form. The cheongsam is based upon the qipao. The qipao, in contrast to its modern cousin, was loose fitting and was meant to conceal, rather than accentuate the figure.
The cheongsam was popularized in Western society during the 1950's and 1960's as evening and cocktail wear. 

This was one of three blog posts that I published on my first day of blogging on Lulu's Vintage blog. It was originally published on January 24, 2006.