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Fashion Fridays: Circle Skirts Have Come Full Circle!


Circle skirts first became popular in the 1950's. Most of our mothers or grandmothers had to make one of these skirts in Home Ec. class.
    During the first half of the 1940's fabric was scrimped, saved and rationed because of World War 2. After the war, when rationing was over, the fashion industry began using a lot more fabric in the  women's garments that they produced. And in the 1950's the craze of circle skirts hit. These skirts were usually made with several yards of fabric. The fabric often was printed with flowers or scenes from far away places. Some of the skirts were hand painted and came with sequins or embroidery on them.
    A few years ago circle skirts came back into style. Who can resist a beautiful voluminous skirt that just makes you want to twirl !?!
    The cute vintage quilted rose pattern circle skirt shown above can be found over at Woodland Farms Antiques and Vintage.

This post was originally published on March 3, 2006.