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Anthropologie is my favorite chain store. They consistently have cute clothing in their stores and catalogues. Their clothing, accessories and housewares are strongly influenced by vintage fashion and lifestyle. And unlike vintage items, their clothing is available in a variety of modern day sizes. My one complaint about their wares is that the prices are too expensive for the quality of the items.
   It seems as though most of the people I see shopping at Anthropologie are intimidated by the cuter, more fun designs. These customers stick to buying basics like cotton shirts, pants and jeans. They are afraid to go out of their fashion comfort zone and try something new that they feel may shock their conserative friends. It makes me sad that women are scared to try something new just because its not what their crowd's into. For me, when I am out and about, it is almost inevitable that I will get compliments on my vintage or vintage inspired clothing. Even from people who might not normally wear it. The important thing to remember when wearing and purchasing vintage/vintage inspired clothing is to be confident that you look great and to love the pieces that you buy.
    This pretty brown tulle dress with embroidery, glass beading and rhinestones is currently on sale for about 25% off.

This post was originally published on February 10, 2006.