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Tantalizing Taxco Bracelet


    Today I am going to be sharing a sampling of vintage Taxco silver bracelets with you.
    I have a beautiful Taxco cuff bracelet that my grandmother gave me. Back when I was in high school I would frequently wear it to school. Then as I got older I realized how unique and valuable it was to me. I haven't worn it in years. But, I think I will pull it out for the summertime. I really enjoy wearing the bracelet, the weight of it is really satisfying and substantial.
    I Love The Bracelet pictured above! The fish design reminds me of my logo for this website. Even the aqua color of the stones is similar to the background color of the site. You can purchase this wonderful fish bracelet over at The Glitter Box.
     If you would like to learn more about the city of Taxco and its fine silversmiths, check out this article: The History of Silver in Taxco, Mexico.

This post was originally published on March 22, 2006.