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Edwardian Gold Lame Evening Gown


Today I have found three incredible golden gowns to share with you. I found all of them over at the same website. They actually had several other golden gowns and dresses. But, I picked out the ones I found to be the most lovely.
    The gold brocade lame dress pictured above was purportedly owned by Mrs. Bullock (of the department store with the same name).
    This romantic gown is beautifully made with wonderful features such as ties at the tops of the shoulders, a sash at the waist, gathered fabric at the side and a slight train.
    Another great thing about this gown are it's wearable size measurements: 41" Chest, 34" Waist and Full Hips.
    You can purchase this gold lame evening gown over at the Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery for $3,750-

This post was originally published on December 28, 2006.