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I really like the combination of fabrics and trims that went into the making of this dress!
The result is an eye catching treat!
This dress was constructed using a 1940's slip, a blouse, silk camisole, silk scarves, a 1940's dress, ribbon and a cloth measuring tape
Measurements are 38" Chest, 34" Waist and 40" Hips
You can buy this dress for $162- from lorimarsha on Etsy.

This dress has a 1930's Snow White meets 1970's school girl look to it.
The dress is made out of gray fabric with plaid details and red vintage buttons.
This dress features puffed sleeves and a tie above the chest.
Measurements are up to 38" Chest, up to 34" Waist and up to 40" Hips
You can buy this dress for $45- from Papaya on Etsy
***Papaya is my favorite clothing store on Etsy. They have incredibly cute vintage inspired designs at incredibly affordable prices***

This dress cracks me up!
The dress has How Big Is The Ring? emblazoned on the front with a bold panel that says Fiancee at the bottom.
Having gotten engaged and subsequently married last year I can relate to this dress. Upon the announcement of our engagement all the ladies I knew wanted to know had we set the date yet and what does your ring look like?
Last year when I was planning for my impending nuptials I attended a Bridal Show with my mom. I didn't want to go- but, she convinced me. I was repulsed by the commercial wedding factory atmosphere of the event and then the piece de resistance was the Bridal Fashion Show. The segment that will unfortunately always be ingrained in my mind was when a group of young guys came out on stage dressed like cowboys took off their shirts and gyrated to some country song called Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy). At which point all the ladies young and old got out of their chairs and started hooting and hollering...
Anyways, back to the dress...
This dress is ingenious with it's utilization of lace, gold and graphic image of a giddy girl pointing at her engagement ring.
It's got a definite Andy Warhol Pop Art look to it.
Size: Medium 6/8
You can buy this dress for $250- from Andrea Loest on Etsy

This post was originally published on February 23, 2007.