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Fashion Fridays! Oh, You Pretty Things...


About a month ago I found an article on about a club in London called Boombox.
    The images featured in the article are candy colored visual delights.
    A photographer named Alistair Allen works the club circuit and snaps pictures of all the lavishly festooned night life- check out his website DirtyDirtyDancing
    It features pictures of London's pretty young things all dressed up and painting the town red.
    Take for instance the lovely lady pictured above.
    She looks simply smashing with her made up face, veiled hat, beaded chain necklace and golden frock.
    I have been meaning to pull my hats out of their boxes and start sporting them around town, after reading this article it has given me a kick in the skirt to do so.
    If you don't have any veiled hats of your own and would like the alluring charm of one check out the 1940's veiled hats that I posted below...

This post was originally published on March 2, 2007.