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Fashion Fridays! Vintage & Retro Fabrics


For Fashion Fridays I find modern clothing or other things that were influenced by vintage items to share with you.
    Well! Things don't get much more influenced by a vintage item than the fabric posted above!
    I originally featured the vintage fabric pictured on the top in an article that I wrote about barkcloth back on February 28th (once on the Linen & Textile page scroll down to February 28th).
    Today I was looking around on the internet to find new fabrics that were influenced by vintage fabrics- When I came across the piece pictured on the bottom over at Reprodepot.
    Reprodepot has a large selection of "vintage reproduction and retro themed fabrics". Their fabrics are extremely popular here in the retro-vintage-artsy-crafty haven that is Portland.   
    You can purchase the vintage reproduction "Bobby Sock Rock" over at
    You can purchase the original 1950's barkcloth fabric over at Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics.
    Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics has one of the best selections of vintage fabrics on the internet. She also sells vintage hankies, kitchen linens and aprons.

This post was originally published on July 14, 2006.