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Found! The Most Darling Crinoline Ever!


Crinolines and petticoats worn under vintage 1950's clothing can really bring the look of an outfit together and make the look pop!
    Well, above I have pictured the most darling crinoline that I have ever seen!
    The top of the crinoline is made out of white nylon while the bottom part is made out of three tiers of white netting.
    The white netting is covered in red flocked hearts with arrows and the saying "Yards and Yards of Love".
    Which is so appropriate for a time when skirts were so incredibly full that they were made from yards and yards of fabric!
    This crinoline has the "Buy It Now" price of $99.99 over at Posh*Pig*Vintage on ebay.
    The runner up for the most darling crinoline ever is another one being sold by the same seller. This one is made of light blue nylon and netting with a white flocked pattern of girls and boys dancing, musical notes and records with the words Rock N' Roll printed on them.

This post was originally published on August 24, 2006.