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Silly & Sweet Vested Gentress Dresses


I have been collecting Vested Gentress clothing for the last fifteen years.
    I really enjoy the silly yet sweet garphics that these clothes have.
    The graphics of Vested Gentress items are similar to Lilly Pulitzer items.
    But, there is something more fun and silly about Vested Gentress clothing.
    Vested Gentress was started in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in 1961. They continued making clothing up until the late 1980's when they closed.
    The dress pictured above is made out of a pink polyester/cotton blend fabric that has green geese and red strawberries printed on it.
    In general Vested Gentress items were produced in sizes that fit today's modern woman.
    The geese and strawberries dress starting bid is $29.99 and there are 4 days left on it's sale.

This post was originally published on May 10, 2006.