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***Top 10 Reasons to Give Vintage Gifts This Holiday Season***


10- It is the ultimate eco-gift! No landfill packaging. No new use of resources or labor.

9- Craftsmanship. Vintage items were made out of high quality materials and feature unique design details.

8- History. You are buying an item that has proved to be fashionable throughout history.

7- History (part 2). It is fun to own something vintage and think of how a person from a whole other generation appreciated it as well.

6- Uniqueness. No chance of hitting the streets with a new scarf only to see three other people with the same one!

5- Supporting a small business. Instead of lining the pockets of big box stores, you can support an independent business owner.

4- Authenticity. Why buy rip-offs of old designs, when you can get the original.

3- Authenticity (part 2). Why buy something that has been "distressed" to look old when you can get something that has genuine patina.

2- Save some cash. Vintage items are often times much less expensive than new.

1- Don't participate in the mad rush to the mall. Vintage is easy to find off the beaten path.


Now Get Out There and Shop !!!

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This post was originally published on December 16, 2006.