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Vintage Art Deco Face Powder Box


Yesterday I got the idea for today's blog entries- face powder boxes.
    So, I began my search and came across such a stunning collection of face powder boxes and myriad of other such wonderful vanity items that I decided to have all the entries be from the same website.
    That website is Vanity Treasures. The website's proprietress, Dawn has an incredibly vast collection of treasures for your vanity!
    Take for instance the chic and glamorous Art Deco delight pictured above.
    This 1926 face powder box features an incredible graphic of a flapper who is half in the light and half in the shadow. Behind her are wonderful Art Deco stylized spotlights.
    You can pick up this face powder box over at Vanity Treasures for $150- (it is located about half way down the page).

This post was originally published on November 7, 2006.