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*Inspirational Costume Book*


Yesterday I was out window shopping with a friend when I came across this book Masquerade: Costume Inspirations From The 1920s To 1950's
    The book features children's, men's and women's costume designs.
    Some of my favorite costumes are: "Modern Architecture" (a woman with a skyscraper hat and skyscraper decorated skirt- which is like something out of a Busby Berkeley movie), "Eat More Fruit" (a woman dressed up as a fruit basket), "Target" (a woman with a jaunty target hat and target embelished skirt), "Windmill" (a woman with a windmill on her head and a skimpy little outfit) and "The Glad Eye" (a girl dressed up in a jester like costume covered in drawings of eyes- which is very Surrealist/Dada influenced).
    If only the costumes of today were so inspired!
    I have grown so weary of the mass produced pirate, French maid, vampire costumes...etc...etc... that are so common in our culture!
    So, this Halloween why not think outside of the big box Halloween supply store and let your own imagination and creativity run wild!   

This post was originally published on October 24, 2007.