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Who knows of a vintage designer whose name begins with X?
    I most certainly do not!
    So, at the request of one of my readers I am doing Vera Neumann today.

    Vera Neumann was born on July 24, 1907 in Stamford, Connecticut.
    Before Vera started designing textiles she was a designer of children's furniture and murals.
    In 1946 Vera founded her own company with her husband and their friend, textile expert F. Werner Hamm.
    To make her renowned scarves, Vera used the excess parachute silk that was leftover after WWII.
    Vera was known for her use of vibrant colors and unique graphics.
    She designed blouses, dresses, lingerie, scarves, skirts, bedding, napkins, placemats and towels.
    The trademark of her brand was the ladybug. Which she chose because she wanted to "bring good luck, long life and happiness to everyone".
    In 1972 the Smithsonian Institute held a show titled "A Salute to Vera: The Renaissance Woman".
    Vera Neumann died in June 1993.
    After Vera passed away her name was licensed. The items that are being manufactured today can be found at boutiques and department stores around the world.
    But, what could be better than a vintage Vera?!?
    Check out the great vintage items posted below...

1960's red and navy blue knit dress.
This dress features a fun circular ring pull on the zip.
Multiple different sizes available.
You can purchase this dress for $85 over at Vintage Vixen Clothing Co.

1960's black and white dress.
This dress features a cute print of butterflies.
Measurements are 40" Chest, 36" Waist and 42" Hips
You can purchase this dress for $125-over at

Long sleeve orange dress.
This dress features a great leaf design.
Measurements are 36" Chest, 34" Waist and 38" Hips
You can purchase this dress for $150- over at Unique Boutique (once at the website scroll about a quarter of the way down the page, the dress is located in the middle column).

1960's white with purple floral print nightie and panty set.
Measurements are 34" Chest, 22-34" Waist and up to 38" Hips
You can purchase this ensemble for the sale price of $33.60 over at Vintage Vixen Clothing Co.

1960's white slip with purple floral print.
The chest measures 33-34"
You can purchase this slip for $94- over at

This post was originally published on April 27, 2007.