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A Visit To The Hat Museum


This past Saturday I invited my friends over to my house to get dressed up in hats.
With our heads bedecked in fabulous hats we headed over to Pix Patisserie and had champagne and dessert.
Afterwards we went to The Hat Museum where we were lead around on a tour by the museum's owner/curator Alyce.
We had lots of fun!
If you ever find yourself in Portland, I would definitely recommend that you take your own trip to The Hat Museum as well as to Pix Patisserie !

Lori and Aubrey partaking in some bubbly

Large vintage hat at The Hat Museum

Jen, me, Shannon and Becky at The Hat Museum.

The hat making studio in The Hat Museum

At the end of the day I came home to find my cat sitting amongst my hats.

This post was originally published on March 25, 2008.