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Bed and Sofa & Chess Fever


    I love to watch old movies and my favorite place to check them out is at the library.
    I'll head into the library not knowing if they will have any movies that I am interested in or not and most of the time I will find at least one movie that is of interest to me.
    Over the past month or so I have had great luck finding cinema classics!
    I recently checked out several vintage French movies, some American movies, a Greek movie and a Russian movie.
    Last night my husband and I watched the Russian movie Bed and Sofa (Tretya Meshchanskaya) which was released in 1927.

Bed and Sofa is an interesting movie about a married couple who live in a basement apartment.   
    The husband Kolia is goofy and doesn't appreciate his wife Liuda and all the work she does around their apartment.
    One day the husband's friend Volodia comes for a visit, he sleeps on their couch and ends up getting a job as a printer at the local newspaper.
    Kolia goes out of town on a business trip and is gone for a week.
    While he is gone the handsome Volodia courts Liuda and wins her over.
    When Kolia comes home from his business trip guess where he ends up sleeping!?!
    Liuda eventually finds out she's pregnant- but, who is the father?
    This film deals with controversial issues, especially for the time when it was released.
    Along with the movie Bed and Sofa is a short film called Chess Fever (Shakhmatnaya Goryachka) which was released in 1925.
    Around the time Chess Fever was released there was a wave of chess mania sweeping Russia and this movie is a parody of that mania.
    Chess Fever features as the lead the same actor who played Volodia in Bed and Sofa.
    The main character is obsessed with chess.
    He neglects his fiancee, who is not at all interested in chess.
    Eventually he decides to give up chess for her only to find out that she has had a change of heart about chess.
    Chess Fever is an incredibly entertaining and amusing film!
    You can watch the entire movie over on Google

This post was originally published on February 6, 2008.