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*You Dam Fool, This Ain't Your Hat, It's Mine*


My husband's grandmother turned 100 last year!
    She is the sweetest lady and is still very smart and funny!
    My husband told me a story that his grandmother had told him once, and then when I met her later we asked for her to recount the story to us...
    After the Sunday sermon, the pastor at his grandmother and grandfather's church, accidentally took home his grandfather's hat, instead of his own. The pastor discovered that he had taken the wrong hat when he looked inside of the hat and saw a label like the one above stating "You Dam Fool, This Ain't Your Hat It's Mine" with his grandfathers name on it!!!
    I love that story and so I was really excited to come across the old label pictured above at the Portland Antique Expo!

This post was originally published on March 19, 2008.