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Bishop Castle


    I first found out about Bishop Castle on the Canadian television program Weird Homes about 10 years ago.
    I have been wanting to go ever since.
    Needless to say, I was extremely excited when the opportunity arose to go there on our roadtrip from Denver to St. Louis!
    Bishop Castle is located up in the Colorado mountains.
    Jim Bishop has been building his castle since 1969.
    He has constructed the castle out of over 1,000 tons of rock.
    The castle features beautiful iron work and a fire breathing dragon (unfortunately he wasn't breathing fire at the time of our visit).
    Jim continues to work on his castle.
    While we were visiting the castle, he was working on moving dirt to build a moat.

Bishop Castle donation box

Model of Bishop Castle

Bishop Castle mail box

This post was originally published on July 14, 2008.