Lulu's Vintage

How I Chose Lulu's Top 10


I looked at over 160 vintage sites and narrowed that list down to 40, then to 20 and then to the final 10.
It was a difficult task because each year brings a fresh crop of wonderful vintage sites and also because there are so many sellers that are great people and are extremely passionate about vintage!
I chose the sites that I did based on the fact that these sites consistently carry great merchandise and present their merchandise in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
If you are a frequent visitor to Lulu's Vintage you realize that I have an affinity for Edwardian through Fifties/Sixties clothing, and only occasionally feature newer vintage items. This of course reflects in my choices for my Top 10 list.
I hope that you enjoy Lulu's Vintage Top 10...

This post was originally published on May 21, 2008.