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Johnny Kaw, Wren Statue & 8 Ball


To break up the monotony of driving we planned stops at various different roadside attractions.
Along the way we stumbled across lots of fun signs as well.
Because it was so darned hot, we fueled ourselves on icy drinks and ice cream.
We shot a lot of the pictures of signs and roadside attractions from the car as we were driving by or pulled over to the side of the road...

One day we ate lunch at the Rock-a-Belly Deli in Manhattan, Kansas.
Besides the fact that the deli has a fantastic name, it is worth checking out because it is decked out in 50's era decor and boasts an enviable collection of vintage lamps and light fixtures.

Rock-a-Belly Deli sign.

Johnny Kaw sculpture in Manhattan, Kansas.

World's largest wren sculpture in Topeka, Kansas

I love the way this picture turned out!
A blue sky with white clouds; red, white and blue building; and Chris wearing a vintage blue, white and red bowling shirt.

Save Gas sign.

Starry eyed icon for Griff's Hamburgers.

Griff's Hamburger sign.

World's largest 8 ball in Tipton, Missouri.

Beer too Cold to Hold! sign.

Burger Haus sign.

We stopped by the Zesto Drive In and grabbed a chocolate shake to go.

Zesto Drive In sign.

This post was originally published on July 16, 2008.