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St. Louis Cherokee Antique Row: The Purple Cow Antique Shop & Panorama


If you are a lover of vintage and antiques (and why would you be reading this blog if you weren't ;) and are planning on visiting St. Louis, then you must make room in your schedule to shop Cherokee Antique Row
Cherokee Antique Row features historic homes and buildings which house stores where you can shop for everything from turn of the century antiques to old neon signs, mid-century modern furniture to beaded sweaters...

We love The Purple Cow Antique Shop!
The interior of the store features a great collection of vintage Roy Rogers and Hopalong wallets.
Behind the store decorating the patio area is a fantastic selection of vintage hotel and other misc. signs, and in the garage there is a huge old trailer.
We bought a fabulous B movie poster here.
The Purple Cow Antique Shop is located at 2010 Cherokee

Panorama is another fun store situated along the Cherokee Antique Row.
While browsing the store we came across these great painted wood signs.
Panorama is located at 1925 Cherokee

This post was originally published on July 22, 2008.