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St. Louis' The Future Antiques (TFA), Cherry Bomb and Retro 101 & Ruth's Vintage Clothing


Today's post wraps up our St. Louis vintage and antique store shopping.
We didn't have time to get to all the vintage and antique stores that I wanted to go to in St. Louis- but, the ones we were able to go to had fantastic stock!
Vintage is nowhere near as popular in St. Louis as it is in Portland, and therefore when you go to vintage stores, thrift stores or estate sales there is still lots of great stuff to be had!

The Future Antiques is located at 3201 South Grand.

Cherry Bomb and Retro 101 are located at 2303 Cherokee Street
Chris got a nice 60's shirt here and I got an extremely cute purse (look for photos in a future post).

Ruth's Vintage Clothing is located at 2001 Cherokee Street

This post was originally published on July 23, 2008.