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Arcade Games, The Johnson County Museum of History & The 1950's All-Electric House


On Sunday when we were heading out of town we planned on going to the Electric House, unfortunately it didn't open until 1:00.
We tried to go into the art museums and to Fritz's to pass some time but, all of those destinations were closed as well.
Unsure what to do with our spare time we spotted a family fun center and decided to go there to pass the time.
We had lots of fun playing various different games and taking pictures...

We arrived at The Johnson County Museum of History and scheduled a tour of the Electric House.
While we were waiting for our tour time we wandered around the Museum of History...

We went on our tour of the 1950's All-Electric House
The 1950's ranch was outfitted with all the latest electrical gizmos and technology of the time.
Our favorite feature of the house was the painting that hides a t.v. screen behind it.
Note the traditional 1950's double beds a la I Love Lucy style...

This post was originally published on July 29, 2008.