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Fashion Fridays! Vintage Inspired Artwork by Samantha Zaza


Samantha Zaza creates wonderful artwork which features elaborately costumed females as well as lavishly festooned fowl.

Her "Angry Women in Party Dresses" feature perturbed ladies dressed in enviable fashionable frocks, whilst her subtly amusing "Les Petits Désirs" series has a slight Aubrey Beardsley feel to it, and "Coup" features "pigeons with Napoleonic complexes"...

Samantha sells her artwork at Studio Gallery on Polk Street in San Francisco, on Etsy, and you can also contact her via her website about commissions.

The prices and sizes of her artwork are:
Angry Women in Party Dresses (5" x 5"): $50
Les Petits Désirs (10" x 10"): $300
Coup (5" x 5"): $100

Samantha was lucky enough to win a John Fluevog shoe design competition (John Fluevog happens to be one of my favorite shoe designers!!!) and have her vintage inspired design turned into real shoes called the Zazas!!!

This post was originally published on October 10, 2008.