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Found! 2 Vintage Purses


While on our road trip I bought two really fun purses...

I found this purse at the Cherry Bomb vintage clothing store in St. Louis.
It's a black wooden box purse with builidngs painted on it, featuring signs with famous St. Louis landmarks such as the St. Louis Arch, the Muny Opera, and the St. Louis Art Museum.
It's the best souvenir that I have ever purchased on a trip in the U.S.

I bought this white wicker purse at a thrift store it features the saying "I Love Men Money Martinis" and a little flap that says "Lift Up" underneath which it says "and sex"!

I featured a purse with similar sentiments as the one posted above in a blog post just before we went on vacation...

This post was originally published on August 8, 2008.