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Holiday Shopping


Today, while preparing to write my annual blog post about Black Friday/Buy Nothing Day, I noticed a headline on Yahoo!  "Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down" I clicked on the link and discovered that a 34 year old man was trampled to death by shoppers anxious for a bargain. Greed and treating others inhumanely is never in style and especially so during the holidays!

Each year I encourage you to shop from small local businesses, small online businesses, second hand stores and from arts and crafts makers. But, this year this advice is even more needed with the current economy in the U.S. Your dollars and those of your friends and family can mean the making or breaking of local businesses. So, please shop locally or from some of the wonderful art and craftspeople that I have gathered together today...

"La Maison De Poupees- Electronic Labrynth Vintage Doll Head Necklace"

You can purchase this necklace for $42- from TheHandOfFatima on Etsy.

"Orange Tree Necklace" by Giant Jewels

You can purchase this necklace for $50- over on copacetique

"Black and Gold Recycled Record Necklace"

You can purchase this necklace for $20- from elizabethnormand on Etsy.

"Vintage Hair Pin-Green Starburst"

You can purchase this hairpin for $10- from Cara Lyndon

"An Expanse of White"

You can purchase this multi-media work for $250- from Emily Clarke


You can purchase this mixed media work for 80 Pounds from Denise Bassett

"Angry Women in Party Dresses No.20"

You can purchase this ink drawing for $50- from Zzzz on Etsy.

"Dancing Holiday Bears"

You can purchase this linoleum block print for $6- from loadedhipspress on Etsy.

"Sailor Sweetheart True Love"

You can purchase this wood block postcard for $3- from Red Bat Press

"Christmas Surprise Reversible Apron"

You can purchase this apron for 14 Pounds from Malphi Rustic Chic

"Vintage Inspired Tulle Hostess Apron- Oh Deer"

You can purchase this apron for $28- from flappergirl on Etsy.

"Peppermint Twist"

You can purchase this lip balm for $4- from Pin Up Balms

"Letterpress Holiday Ornaments- Set of Three"

You can purchase these ornaments for $25- from IdaOhio on Etsy.

"Rainy Daze Book Cover with Ribbon Bookmark- Small Mass Market Paperback Size"

You can purchase this bookcover for $9.95 from HideABook on Etsy.

This post was originally published on November 28, 2008.