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Pin Up Balm


When I'm out and about I'm purely a lipstick kind of gal- but, when I'm at home I prefer to wear flavored lip balm. So, I was delighted when at the end of last week I received a tin of Pin Up Balms Blueberry Cheesecake in the mail. Right off the bat I was impressed with the cute and sassy packaging of the lip balm. When I pushed open the lid of the lip balm I was delighted by the tasty Blueberry scent and when I smoothed the balm onto my lips they instantaneously felt smoother and more plump.
I would definitely recommend Pin Up Balms as a little gift for yourself and your girlfriends!
Pin Up Balms are only $4- a tin and there are tons of enticing flavor lines to choose from: Happy Hour, The Joy of Cheesecake, Va va va voom, Candy Kisses and Balm-Shell.

This post was originally published on September 10, 2008.