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Swetsville Zoo


On the way back to Denver we swung by the Swetsville Zoo.
The Swetsville Zoo is filled with over 160 sculptures made by Bill Swets.
Bill Swets makes his sculptures out of various different types of metal he finds such as: car, truck and farm equipment parts.

With some of the photos posted below I have included the sculpture's "Nickname" and "Scientific Name"...

Willy The Welder, Self-Portrait

Sour Dough Pete, Desperado

The L.A. Super Bug, VW Beetle

Buzzard George, Buzzard

Dinosaur Kit, Parts Is Parts

Vase Of Caps, Center Piece Bouquet

Doggie Rest Area, Fire Hydrants

Thomas, The Tank Engine

The Reverend, Preying Mantis

This post was originally published on August 5, 2008.