Lulu's Vintage

*Thank You*


I think that every blogger occasionally wonders if their blog ever really effects the lives of others.

I am no different- I wonder if my readers ever go on to purchase the items that I feature, I wonder if the sites that I link to in my posts see more traffic...

So, it always makes me happy when people are kind enough to leave comments or feature my site on their blog!

Recently Samantha Zaza left a comment about how she bought one of her "treasured hats" after a post that I did about Isabella Blow style vintage hats.

Another person with the blog My Dancing Pencil wrote about my blog and store and of how the two play off of one another (though I do want to point out that I do not actually sell on eBay, I just feature other dealers items from eBay on my blog).

Thank you to all the people who leave me a comment, read my blog or feature my site on their blog!

This post was originally published on September 29, 2008.