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Tiny Town


In the morning before we flew out of Denver we headed out to Tiny Town.
Tiny Town started in 1915 when a man named George Turner started making one-sixth sized buildings for his daughter. He opened it to the public in 1920. From 1920 through 1988 Tiny Town was closed and reopened several times and suffered from floods and fire.
In 1988 Tiny Town reopened with new and refurbished buildings. In 1990 the Tiny Town Railway began operation and ever since Tiny Town and it's Railway have been a huge attraction to visitors from around the world...

Ken making some "adjustments" on Barbie

A square dancing hoedown

Cowboys watching dance hall girls (I especially like the guy with the beer in his hand)

I love the way these photos of the interiors look with the sunlight streaming in!

It was neat to see old photos of Tiny Town and what it used to look like...

This post was originally published on August 6, 2008.