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Vintage 1940's Lindy Hop Shirt & Jitterbug Pants


Awhile back when I was searching on Vintage Vixen Clothing Co. for items to post here on my blog I came across the Lindy Hop shirt posted below. I thought the shirt was fantastic- but, I didn't really have anything that was similar graphics/style wise to post along with it- so it fell by the wayside. Until today that is, when I was searching on Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing for clothing to post and happened across the great pair of Jitterbug pants posted below...
I hope you delight in these 1940's finds as much as I do!

1940's white shirt with fun graphic print.

The Chest measures 36"

You can purchase this shirt for $125- over at Vintage Vixen Clothing Co.

1940's never worn blue pants with incredible bright and bold Big Band print.

Measurements are 28" Waist and up to 38" Hips

You can purchase these pants for $275- over at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing

This post was originally published on November 20, 2008.