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My husband and I are total vintage movie fanatics!
A couple of years ago I asked for and received  Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide for Christmas. I have now read the entire book- all 686 pages of it!
I marked in the book any and all movies that I was interested in. I even started an alphabetized notebook of movies that we could take to the movie store and look at as a reference as to what to watch. Each entry I color coded to denote what genre it was. That way if we were in the mood for a Foreign movie or a Horror/Sci-Fi/B Movie we would be able to scan the page and find it.
Well, tonight is a perfect night to watch a Horror/Sci-Fi/B Movie!
My husband and I had originally planned on watching a movie that I had rented from the library titled Fiend Without A Face- but, instead we found out about a showing of Nosferatu, Voyage to the Moon and The Golden Bug all of which will feature live musical accompaniment- so, we are planning on heading out to watch those rather than staying in and watching our movie rental.
If you are feeling up for an entertaining and amusing movie rental for the evening check out...
1962's The Day of the Triffids

I must say, I'm an expert at making Triffid noises- which totally freaks my husband out!

Pictured above are two lobby cards for the Day of the Triffids.
There are eight lobby cards altogether up for auction over on eBay for the "Buy It Now" price of $239.99

This post was originally published on October 31, 2008.