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Harika is a blog by Szaza (that is her self portrait posted above).
Szaza's interview was featured in Lulu's Vintage Style Council in November of last year, and I featured her art work in a post last October.
I recently checked out her blog Harika and was instantaneously sucked into it because of all the beautiful photos, artwork, and tales of her new life in Turkey.
It is just what I needed in my melancholy state of mind! I went through and read every post that she has posted since she started the blog in December.

A true confession, is that in my three years of doing my blog I have never religiously followed anyone elses blog (except for almost daily stops by Cute Overload). I devote so much time to searching other people's online vintage stores for items to post on Lulu's Vintage Blog, working on posting my own vintage stuff on Lulu's Vintage Store, and reading emails from my five different email accounts that I never allowed myself to get sucked into someone elses blog.
But sucked in, I gladly am!

This post was originally published on February 5, 2009.