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Incredibly Unusual Vintage Hat & Purse Set Adorned with Sunglasses


Modbag how I love thee...
Today I headed over to Modbag to find bags similar to one that I had found and wanted to write about- but, then I saw this set and it totally trumped the other bag in it's sheer uniqueness!!!
So, here you are...
I am writing to you about this incredibly unusual and collectible set!
I had seen straw hats with sunglasses on the brim before- but, I had never before seen a sunglasses hat that had a matching sunglasses bag!
Modbag never ceases to amaze me with their selection of whimsical "Novelty Bags". The rest of their selection of vintage purses proves to be equally impressive!
You can purchase this hat and bag set for $600- over at Modbag

This post was originally published on March 24, 2009.