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Jacques Tati's Trafic


Last night Chris and I went and saw Trafic atop the Hotel deLuxe's parking garage. The film is one of a series of films shown each summer atop the parking garage by the NW Film Center. The atmosphere at these events is always fun and enjoyable. There is live music and there are great views of sunset/dusk lit buildings.
1971's Trafic is about a camping van that Monsieur Hulot has designed and has to take from Paris to Amerstdam for a car show. There are all sorts of fun antics and thoughtful imagery in this movie. For the fashion lover there is the smart wardrobe of Maria, The Public Relation Representative to drool over. Maria drives a sporty little yellow convertible in which she changes outfits, she evens stores her hats in the spare tire compartment (click here to watch a clip that features this scene)!

This post was originally published on August 14, 2009.