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The Farm Chicks Show 2009


This past weekend my husband Chris and I made a quick trip up to Spokane, Washington for The Farm Chicks Show. We arrived on Saturday evening, went out for dinner and then met up with Maggie of DeniseBrain and her husband John for a drink at the bar in the basement of our hotel. I was delighted to meet Maggie, and Chris and I really enjoyed getting to know her and John. Sunday morning we had breakfast and then wandered around near our hotel and took photos of old signs and buildings. We had lunch at a diner located inside of an old train car. I then headed off to The Farm Chicks Show while my husband went off to the museum and the local gardens. I only had about three or four hours to explore The Farm Chicks Show- but, in that time I was able to hit all of the booths, take photos and chat with people.
To see photos that we took of Spokane's vintage neon signs and architecture click here, to check out photos that we took of Spokane's grand Davenport Hotel click here.
Here's the 2009's Farm Chicks Show photo extravaganza...

Lou, the cowboy, offered to pose with a bride doll in his wife's booth and I happily took him up on his offer (earlier in the day when Chris and I were out taking photos of Spokane a police officer struck a pose and asked if I wanted to take his photo and I said yes- but, before I could snap one he had wandered off and was talking on his walkie talkie).

A lovely trio of ladies (the girl on the right gave me an incredibly cute coloring book that she had made)

This young lady was looking through calling cards. She was wearing a vintage camera around her neck and carrying a pretty vintage purse.

This young lady was wearing clothing from her friends booth (Effie's Heart) and just looked so cute!

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John Bob Cool Junk, The Old Trunk Antiques, Orange Crush Exports, Mimis*Vintage*Goods, Uptown Antiques & Espresso, Gossamer Designs, Fun Junk, Kitsch Bitsch Productions, Julie Button's, Foxglove Antiques, Bella Shabby, Candywinkel, Finders Keepers, Effie's Heart

This post was originally published on June 10, 2009.