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The House on the Rock- Carousels


I am wrapping up my photo show of House on the Rock with the Carousels. One is the gigantic carousel that has it's own room the other is the doll carousel.

The ceiling in the Carousel room has 1960's/1970's scantily clad angel mannequins suspended from it. The carousel is the world's largest and it's an enormous whirring menagerie of carousel animals and chandeliers.

The Doll Carousel is a tall multistory carousel featuring dolls.

As you have seen from my photos and read from my descriptions The House on the Rock is a unique experience that any self respecting kitsch lover must see. When walking through the property you can't help but think of what a great horror movie set or music video set it would be.

The hall leading to The Carousel...

You walk through the monster's head pictured below to get to the next room...

The Doll Carousel's all a blur...

This post was originally published on November 23, 2009.