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Cool Women


The other day Chris and I were at a thrift store when I came across an apron from the 1980's that said, "I went to four years of college for this?" I thought about whether or not to buy the apron to resell. But, then I thought how awful it would be if someone bought it seriously, feeling that they identified with what it said, that they were laden with housework and child care instead of using their education. I expressed this to Chris and he agreed with what I said. He also thought that the other type of person who would be buying it would be someone who would give it as a "gag" gift. Someone poking fun at their friend for becoming a housewife. In the end I decided that the apron was too depressing and that I didn't want to be the one passing it along.

What females of all ages need are good role models. A couple of months ago I bought a book called Cool Women from a local thrift store. It's a book from Scholastic intended for school girls. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and feel that it's a great inspirational read for anyone. You can read about strong women that you probably already know of like Harriet Tubman, Georgia O'Keefe, Annie Oakley, Joan of Arc, Madame Curie as well as learn about strong women you may have never heard of.

This book is available used from $1.99 over at Amazon

This post was originally published on April 15, 2010.