Lulu's Vintage

Guess Who...


It's Lulu, I've come to tell you that it's Lulu's Vintage Blog's Fourth Anniversary!

Thanks to all my fantastic readers for following along with my blog! It makes me so happy to know that readers come to my blog from all over the world- we are all united by our love of vintage!

Lulu's Vintage Blog came about when my brother Eric (co-founder of Core 77) designed my Lulu's Vintage Store website and suggested that I also have a blog about vintage clothing. I did research and found that no such blog existed. During my research I had come across vintage clothing websites that had blogs- but, they would only write about what new vintage items they had posted on their own store site. My goal for doing Lulu’s Vintage Blog was to act as a vintage shopping editor, picking what I felt to be the best of the web to share with my readers. Along the way I have learned a lot of things and I hope that you have too!

As always I am looking for vintage loving people to feature on The Style Council (if you are interested please email me your photo and interview answers). 

In May I will choose my Lulu's Vintage Top 10 Vintage Clothing Websites and readers will vote for the Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Award Top 10.

In the next couple of months I am going to be adding hundreds of new items to my own online vintage store Lulu's Vintage Store.

I am also going to be cleaning out old non-functional and un-reciprocated links on my blog and store site, from my Linx to Vintage and Other Cools Sites page, and am currently seeking vintage, fashion, art, design, handmade websites and blogs who would like to exchange links (please link to Lulu's Vintage Blog and/or Store and leave a comment on this post expressing your wish to exchange links along with your web address).

Thanks to everyone for their continued readership!


This post was originally published on January 24, 2010.