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Kitschy Vintage Embroidered Sweaters


I have posted embroidered sweaters like the ones posted below many times before and I never tire of their cute embroidery and kitschy sayings. In fact last week I came across seven similar sweaters all with golf themed designs on them, I bought three of the best ones and I will eventually post them for sale on Lulu's Vintage Store site. When I found the seven different golf themed sweaters I was actually wearing a sweater of this style with two French poodles embroidered on it.

If you want your very own slice of kitschy pie try one of these sweaters on for size...

Eve Was Framed white sweater with apples.

The Chest measures 36"

You can purchase this sweater for $35- over at The Red Velvet Shoe on Etsy.

He Loves Me, Hes Loves Me Not black sweater with daisies.

The Chest measures 36-38"

You can purchase this sweater from The Red Velvet Shoe on Etsy.

This post was originally published on February 2, 2010.