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Manly Mondays! Vintage N.O.S. Eyeglass Frames


Yesterday Chris and I went to a slide show presentation/book signing by Daniel Clowes, creator/author/illustrator of Ghost World, at Powell's promoting his latest book Wilson. He was as humorous as one might hope and he was kind enough to talk with each person who waited in line to get an autograph. When it was my turn to get an autograph I asked him if his glasses were vintage and he said that they were and that he got them at a place in Oakland.

I had him autograph the book posted above. My friend Jen brought this blank book back for me from India. Inside I have noted books that I want to read, vintage stores I need to visit to photograph, friends and family's telephone numbers, and even a recipe for vanilla cupcakes. Last Fall Chris and I went to see They Might Be Giants play a few songs on a tour they were doing for their latest children's book. Most of our books, cds and dvds were/are boxed up so I didn't have any TMBG stuff for them to autograph so I used this little book. When I handed it to one of the Johns he looked at it and asked if it was an autograph book, I said it wasn't, that I just wanted them to sign the outside and so they did. With the addition of Daniel Clowes signature I guess it officially is an autograph book now. The question is whether or not to continue to carry the little book around in my purse using it day in and day out, with the knowledge that the more I use it the more faded the signatures will become.

Talking with Daniel Clowes about vintage glasses and looking at the signature of John Flansburgh (who I assume wears vintage frames) inspired me to do a blog post featuring men's vintage frames. So here you go new old stock frames from Decades (two other great resources for vintage frames online are Allyn Scura and Jabot's)...

1950's wood grain frames.You can purchase these frames for $99- over at Decades Vintage Company

Redish brown frames.

You can purchase these frames for $99- over at Decades Vintage Company

1950's amber frames.

You can purchase these frames for $149- over at Decades Vintage Company

This post was originally published on May 17, 2010.