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The Clientele, Bonfires on the Heath Record Album


Last Thursday Chris and I went and saw The Clientele play at the Doug Fir here in Portland. The band sounded great, their music is so beautiful. After the show we went over to see what they had in the way of souvenirs and we discovered that they had record albums for sale. It was a delight to find that they had their latest album Bonfires on the Heath on record. I love the sound of listening to a record and it's the perfect thing for the dreamy sounds of The Clientele. Just in case you don't have a record player in your car, an added bonus for people who purchase the record is you get a free download of an MP3 of the entire album.

The cover of their latest record album with it's image and font, reminds me of vintage Classical music albums that I come across at estate sales...

This post was originally published on March 17, 2010.