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Vintage Baby Themed Planters


On the roadtrip that I took to the Midwest last Summer I came across tons of cute vintage baby themed planters. It got to the point where I couldn't resist buying one for my friend Shannon who had a baby boy in May of last year. I brought the little dog riding in a baby carriage planter over to Shannon filled with daisies and also gave her a Petite Maman postcard that I had bought her (she uses French in her job at a local book seller so when I saw the postcard at the Antique Expo I knew it was the perfect thing for her).

Vintage baby themed planters make the perfect gift for the vintage loving mom. Usually the space for flowers is small so it's best to use daisies or carnations, or you can plant a small ivy or African violets in them. If the planter is relatively unused it can be given to the new mom filled with ear swabs, cotton balls or sample sizes of baby care products.

Check out the sweet vintage baby themed planters that I found for sale over on Etsy...

Baby in a highchair planter.

You can purchase this planter for $10- from vinestreetvintage on Etsy.

Just Arrived baby girl planter and blue baby buggy planter.

You can purchase these planters for $8.50 over at jaff on Etsy.

Baby boy in a rocket planter.

You can purchase this planter for $15- over at trappedintheattic on Etsy.

A well heeled stork delivering a baby planter.

You can purchase this planter for $7.50 over at JodysVintage on Etsy.

Baby teddy bear planter.

You can purchase this planter for $9- over at ModishVintage on Etsy.

This post was originally published on February 3, 2010.