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Vintage Valentine's Cards


This morning I set out on a search over on Etsy for vintage Valentine cards and I got back ninety-four pages of results. I thought to myself okay, I am just going to look at twenty pages of cards, which turned to forty, which changed to sixty. You see, I simply can't help myself, the thought of leaving a page of Valentines cards unturned breaks my heart. But, for the sake of other pressing vintage business I had to nip my Valentine ogling in the bud after sixty pages. Posted below are my favorite Valentines. I found over thirty that I liked and then I narrowed them down to three stellar vintage Valentines.

Here they are for your ogling and buying pleasure...

"I'm Some Prize Package Baby" Valentine card.

You can purchase this Valentine for $5.50 from nancesnostalgia over on Etsy.

Girl holding a sign Valentine that says "There's only one thing in this world that I'd refuse to do and that's to marry someone else because you asked me to".

You can purchase this Valentine for $5- from HeirloomLinens over on Etsy.

Girl cashiering Valentine with the saying "I'd like a cent's worth of your time, enought to read This little ryhme. What? No change? Well, that's fine- That means you're still my Valentine."

You can purchase this Valentine for $4- from daisytoad over on Etsy.

This post was originally published on February 10, 2010.