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Arches National Park


In previous year's roadtrip posts I have omitted the places that we visited that had natural beauty such as state and national parks, trying to stick to posts involving vintage, antiques, roadside attractions and art. This time around I thought to myself why not include the parks. They are about as antique as you can get!

On our trip from Portland to St. Louis we didn't have time to dilly dally, we had to get to Chris' sister's wedding. The only fun things we allowed ourselves time out for was a drive through Arches National Park in Utah and stops at two thrift stores.

I had been wanting to go back to Arches National Park ever since I had visited there when I was in my early teens. Chris too had been wanting to visit again, he had been there when he was a child.

The day we went to Arches the sun was beating down on us. We had intended to and were looking forward to getting out of the car and walking around in the park- but, alas with our lack of heat and sun tolerance we ended up driving around the park. Chris would pull over to the side of the road and I would take photos. All the while Chris was begging me to let him roll up my window and turn on the AC. Even though we felt as if we were melting we had fun imagining what the rock formations looked like. We came up with names for some of them such as: Hamburger with Bun, Crouching Camel, Sleeping Tortoise, and Sailing Ship.

Arches is a great park. Part of what makes it so beautiful are the orange rocks against the bright blue sky...

This post was originally published on September 3, 2010.