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Photo Review of The Farm Chicks Antiques Show 2010


As usual The Farm Chicks Antiques Show was a visual extravaganza which I delighted in taking photos of...

These two ladies, Missy Allison and Shawna June Lee, looked super cute standing in their Camp Round-Up booth.

If I could have bought anything I wanted it would have been the light up vanity set with cosmetics, the Carnation milk truck or the salesman sample Samsonite suitcase.

Some of the booths that I visited and took photos of are: Jennifer Osner, Forget-Me-Not, Poor Pitiful Pam, Lucy Janes, Wanderlux, Ormolulu, Carousel, Antiquarian, Maison Douce, Country Nesters, Orange Crush Exports, Fun Junk, The Original Blue Canoe, This Old House Old & New, The Shops at Station 8, Unexpected Necessities, Camp Round-Up, and Rose~Marie.

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This post was originally published on June 7, 2010.