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Tramp! What You Call Me? Tramp.


Tramp art that is (I couldn't resist using some of the lyrics from one of my favorite Otis Redding songs as the title for this post, when else might I get a chance to use a title such as this). Also known as prison art. While serving time prisoners would while away the hours by creating useful objects out of cigarette packs...

Red purse.

Inside the purse there's a note that says, "Bob's Mother smoked Pall Mall cigarettes and had this pocketbook made out of the empty packs. They made it at the Lewisburg Penitentary (can't spell & too lazy to look it up)."

You can purchase this purse for $58- from JourneyAndLandscape on Etsy.

Blue picture frame.

You can purchase this for $58- from OwlVintage on Etsy.

Chepina. T jewelry box.

You can purchase this box for $40- from BeNiceUseItTwice over on Etsy.

This post was originally published on July 21, 2010.